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System Updates
The latest information on system status, new services or enhancements to Altour Online Booking
  The New GetThere Experience
  When will it be available? Mid to late-May to be enabled upon company request Benefits?
  • Enhanced Multi-Destination Capabilities
  • Disable Air ability if you want just a car and hotel site
  • More recognizable navigation tabs moved from top to the left side of page
  • Guest bookings located in “More tools” area of site
  • Rail – Multi-Destination enabled or disable
  • Unused ticket count now displays on the homepage in its own tab
  • Amount of unexpired unused tickets will not be limited
  • Unused tickets will display in red 90 days prior to expiration
  • Active trips now only on the trips tab, no longer on home page
  • New line stating "Travel arranged by"
  • Travel Arranger will have a search feature to search for traveler much like Concur.
  • Traveler clicks on Traveler will see new home page
Air Trip Template Enhancements Benefits?
  • Will include all regions and languages
  • Air only Trip Templates
    • Qualifying criteria
    • Matching criteria
    • Clear messaging along the process
  • Saving a booked trip as a template
  • Select a saved trip template to quickly shop and book a new trip
News Archive
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